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temporal adj
1 not eternal; "temporal matters of but fleeting moment"- F.D.Roosevelt
2 of or relating to or limited by time; "temporal processing"; "temporal dimensions"; "temporal and spacial boundaries"; "music is a temporal art"
3 of or relating to the temples (the sides of the skull behind the orbit); "temporal bone"
4 of the material world; "temporal possessions of the church"
5 concerned with secular rather than sacred matters; "lords temporal and spiritual" [syn: worldly]
6 of this earth or world; "temporal joys"; "our temporal existence" n : the semantic role of the noun phrase that designating the time of the state or action denoted by the verb [syn: temporal role]

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  1. Of or relating to time.
  2. Of limited time; not perpetual.
  3. Of or relating to the material world; not spiritual.
  4. Lasting a short time only.
  5. Of the temples of the head.


of or relating to time
  • Finnish: aika-, ajallinen
  • French: temporel, temporelle
  • German: zeitlich, temporär
  • Italian: temporale
  • Norwegian: temporal
  • Portuguese: temporal
  • Russian: временной
of limited time
Of or relating to the material world
  • Finnish: maallinen
  • Norwegian: jordisk. timelig, verdslig
(euphemistic for) lasting a short time only
  • German: temporär
  • Italian: temporale
  • Norwegian: forbigående, temporær
of the temples of the head

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From temporalis < tempus


  1. temporal (related to time)
  2. temporal (related to the temples)

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